About Japan Academy of International Business Studies

The Japan Academy of International Business Studies (JAIBS) was founded in July 1994 as the first academic society to study international business in Japan. The Academy aims at providing a global forum of intellectual exchange and cross-disciplinary collaboration on important issues of international business from interdisciplinary perspective. JAIBS is naturally an academic organization with a complement of scholars and researchers; however, it also invites active participation from practitioners in the business world to work in synergy, making joint contributions that have international scope and impact on the greater society.

Over 25 years since its inception, the Academy has grown and prospered under the active leadership of successive presidents. JAIBS presently consists of about 730 members, including individual members and five corporate members. It also has 26 fellows, including three distinguished foreign scholars, who have achieved outstanding research results in the study of international business or made a great contribution to the development of academy. The Academy promotes an extensive range of academic activities that include, for example, collaborative research meetings not only with foreign academic organizations, the Academy of International Business (AIB), the Korean Academy of International Business, but also with the Japan Academy of Multinational Enterprises and the Union of National Economic Association in Japan, for the purpose of enhancing in depth academic exchanges.

The Academy has conducted a variety of activities. The most important activity is the annual conference that is held fall every year. The conference theme of each year reflects the business environment of the time and keynote speeches and papers presented signify the current research focus, concerns and issues that are widely shared both by academicians and business practitioners. In addition to the annual conference, there are also chapter –based workshop meetings. Currently, JAIBS has six chapters nationwide; of which two chapters are organized under the Kanto Branch, one chapter under Chubu Branch and three chapters under the Kansai Branch. In the Kanto area, the two chapters are as follows: (i) Hokkaido & Northeast Chapter. (ii) Kanto Chapter. Together these two chapters hold six workshop meetings annually. In the Kansai area, the three chapters are follows: (i) Kansai Chapter, (ii) Chugoku/Shikoku Chapter, and (iii) Kyushu Chapter. Together these three chapters hold six workshop meeting annually as well.

The Academy publishes the Journal of International Business, which features peer-reviewed papers and reports contributed by speakers and presenters selected in the previous year’s conference. In addition, the Academy publishes a JAIBS Newsletter that plays an important role in public information dissemination, e.g., reporting on nationwide conferences, financial reports, introduction of upcoming chapter events and detailed contents related to other activities. Furthermore, the Academy gives JAIBS AWARD to outstanding research papers and books contributing to the advancement of international business studies. The Academy also gives EXCELLENT DISSERTATION AWARD to the best paper published in the Journal of International Business, whose author is a graduate under 35 years old. Moreover, the Academy provides research grants to promising young researchers to encourage and support their budding careers.

Those who are active in the study of international business, whether they are an academic or practitioner, are welcome to become JAIBS member.

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