Payment Information

Payment of JAIBS annual membership fee
You can use your PayPal account or major credit cards !!

 From the year of 2013, for the payment of annual membership fee of JAIBS, you can pay with your PayPal account. If you do not have PayPal account, you can pay by your major credit cards to click the image "今すぐ購入" below.

・The upper panel is for "General Member", 10,000 yen.

・The lower panel is for "Student Member", "Special Discount Member", and "Overseas Non-Japanese Member", 6,000 yen.

※New member fee is half price of the original for only first one year ( General Member ; 5,000 yen, Others ; 3,000 yen ). So new members can't use the web link below, please use the payment slip sent from the Liason Office.

※ If there is a residual payment, it will be filled in the year before.

※ If you need a receipt, please send e-mail or FAX <03-3203-5964> to the Liason Offce with the addressee of the receipt that you want.


JAIBS annual membership fee for
General Member
10,000 yen

JAIBS annual membership fee for
Student Member,
Special Discount Member,
Overseas Non-Japanese Member,
6,000 yen


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