The Japan Society of Human Resource Management (JSHRM) is an organization of scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field of business administration, labor law, industrial sociology, industrial relations, organizational psychology, occupational safety and other related sciences. It was originally founded in 1970 to promote research in labor related fields.

The Society now consists of over 850 members representing the best in the nation in their respective fields. At a time where huge changes are undergoing in employment, labor, organizations, HR and management, we welcome new members from the business community, world of labor, or other societies.

Contact: jshrm@ibi-japan.co.jp

Japan Society of Human Resource Management(JSHRM) c/o International Business Research Center

#302 Tsukasa Bld.

518 Tsurumaki-cho

Waseda, Shinjuku-ku

Tokyo, 162-0041, Japan



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